Feb 072018


It is with delight, gratitude and humility that we are sharing the news that The Sprout will be closing as of Thursday, February 15th. We will have special hours that day – 7am-5pm. Please come in to wish us well and share any parting memories! We are so incredibly grateful for the last 10 years and it has been a true honor to have had a part in raising the level of health with each and every customer over the last decade.

The saying, “All good things come to an end,” is ringing true for us. This has been such a beautiful experience for our family! Thank you seems small, but it is coming from every ounce of our hearts. Thank you for supporting us, drinking juice with us, trusting us, eating with us, allowing us to nourish your children, calling on us for guidance, visiting us daily, weekly or whenever you have been able to and thank you for your commitment to raising the level of health in the world. We could never have imagined all of the good times and special moments we have shared. We are so very grateful!

With this incredible experience under our belts, we will be venturing on in our careers. Mickey will be expanding his private chef work as well as launching a collaborative venture with other professionals in the area. Personal chef work allows for endless creativity and fully personalizing culinary choices for individuals and families, which Mickey is very passionate about. Caroline will be continuing to develop her yoga and mindfulness endeavors with adults and children, teaching at Oak Grove, and of course (the most important work!) spending time with the kids!

*Please understand, we will not be able to give any refunds for Loyalty Card balances. You may come in to redeem your card for food and beverages from The Sprout through February 15th or arrange to use the rest of your balance for private chef services. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to continuing to raise the level of health in the world – we hope you will join us!


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