Jul 232013

Psyllium Seed- whole and powdered


You may have seen it on our menu at The Sprout and wondered, what exactly is Psyllium Husk?  Psyllium Husk is the ground outer coating of the Psyllium Seed.  It encourages healthy digestion and detoxification.

Many Americans suffer from colon problems and other health issues extending from the root cause of poor colon health.  For this reason, Psyllium can provide a range of benefits for all of us.  Some include:


-          Promoting the restoration of healthy bowel functioning

-          Cholesterol-lowering effects

-          Cleansing the intestines and absorbing toxins adhered to intestinal walls

-          Fiber supplement, helping with weight control and blood sugar levels


Try out a Psyllium boost on your next visit to The Sprout and start your own goal of restoring healthy colon functioning and detoxifying your body!