Apr 052016

Fresh juice from organic fruits and veggies

Juicing is a fantastic way for anyone to add enzymes and nutrients into their daily routine without much difficulty at all!  When drinking a juice, even one a day, you can easily consume the daily recommended servings of fruits and veggies, all in one go (but, of course, you will hopefully be eating veggies all day too!).

In addition to allowing us to consume more vegetables than we would be able to eat, the process of juicing allows for the enzymes and nutrients to be quickly and efficiently absorbed by the body.  In today’s society, most of us have a suffering digestive system in one way or another, which means many nutrients we consume through our food are not actually assimilated into the body, but rather discarded as waste.  Which means… we need more nutrients and enzymes!  Enter fresh juice- the body can quickly take in all the goodness it has to offer without needing to spend energy creating enzymes internally or digesting each bit of food.

Stop by The Sprout to restock your body’s nutrients and start on your journey to better health and living!

Jul 302013

Importance of Manganese in the body


Did you know that many of our juices, including all of our cold-pressed varieties, are packed full of an essential trace element, Manganese?  Manganese, found mostly in the bones, liver, kidneys and pancreas, has many important functions in the body:


-       Helps the body form connective tissue, bones, blood clotting factors and sex


-       Carbohydrate metabolism

-       Calcium absorption

-       Blood sugar regulation

-       Normal brain and nerve functioning

-       Neutralizes cancer-causing and degenerative free radicals in the body


Come try a cold pressed juice today and rest assured knowing you have provided your body with many essential to life, trace elements, such as Manganese.