Sep 242014

Charleston Area Events

What’s going on in the Charleston area this fall? A lot! The Sprout Café has compiled a list of Charleston area events for you and your family to enjoy in October.

Fuel up before you head out
Don’t forget to fuel up at The Sprout Café before you go! You can stop in and have a healthy meal, or call in (843-849-8554) and pick up an organic, healthy meal on your way! For ease, here’s a link to our menu.

October Events at The Sprout Cafe: Discount on Juice Fasts
The Sprout Cafe is offering discounts on Juice Fasts the entire month of October:

20% off 7-day Juice Fast
15% off 5- and 3-day Juice Fasts
10% off 1-day Juice Fast

Come see us! The Sprout Cafe is located at 627 Johnnie Dodds Blvd., Suite B, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464. We’re are located right next to EcoFitness.

Charleston Area Events Calendar

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