Oct 222014

Organic apples at The Sprout Cafe

Sweet, healthy organic apples

Crisp fall weather has us thinking about crisp organic apples and all of the health benefits this popular fruit has to offer. The Sprout Café includes organic apples in many of our juices and smoothies, offering a subtle sweetness that mixes well with a wide range of vegetables and fruits.

Our signature juice is the Green Lantern, which includes fresh apple juice, fresh celery juice and a shot of wheatgrass. Check out our entire menu of juices and smoothies here.

Organic is best

Organic is an important distinction when it comes to apples because, according to the USDA, more pesticides are found on apples than any other fruit or vegetable (47).

This is one of the many reasons why we use all organic ingredients at The Sprout Cafe. If we serve it, it’s organic.

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Sep 192013

There’s nothing that reminds us more of back to school than the age-old image of an apple on the teacher’s desk.  But why the apple?  Seemingly overlooked, the apple has a surprising number of health benefits to offer us!


1)  A heart healthy food- Western and Eastern medicine agree, apples strengthen the heart!  Their soluble fiber helps prevent cholesterol-rich plaque build up in your arteries.  It can even help reduce cholesterol too!

2)  Apples are packed with vitamins C, A , potassium, and flavonoids and with smaller amounts of phosphorus, iron, and calcium.  And all in only 50-80 calories!

3) The soluble fiber in apples can help with all kinds of digestive problems, easing unpleasant bowel movements.

4)  Apples, like many fruits, help to detoxify our livers.  This is essential for healthy functioning of all other organs!

5)  Apples can help prevent skin diseases and many forms of cancer.


The Sprout offers many ways to enjoy this powerful fruit!

Juices: Almost all of our juices contain some apple!  The taste blends perfectly with many veggies, but it also provides us with that full nutritional value we want from our green juices!

Smoothies:  Try any of our fruit smoothies, all made with freshly juiced apples.  Refreshing and thirst quenching on a hot day.