Jan 132015
Juice Fast The Sprout Cafe

Don’t miss the special pricing on The Sprout Cafe’s Juice Fasts Jan. 15-Feb. 15.

The Sprout Café is running an incredible special on our Juice Fast Reboots Jan. 15-Feb. 15, 2015. This offer includes a free consultation with Detox Coach Mickey Brennan.

Juice Fast Reboot pricing Jan. 15-Feb. 15, 2015

3 Day Juice Fast – $160 (regular price $225)

5 Day Juice Fast – $285 (regular price $300)

7 Day Juice Fast – $350 (regular price $400)

What you get

All juice fasts include 96 ounces of fresh organic juice plus a shot of wheatgrass or E3Live.

The process begins with a nutritional consultation with Mickey to discuss your health history and your goals. A juice fast program will then be custom designed to meet your needs.

Each morning, you pick up four 24-ounce bottles of juice and a shot of wheat grass. Each juice performs a different function, from regulating your blood sugar and blood pressure to providing your body with a jet boost of vitamins and minerals designed to help your body detox.

“Your body uses so much energy to digest food,” Mickey said. “A juice fast gives your digestive track a break. And if you do the juice fast properly, you can take in more nutrients than you do when you are eating.”

Advantages of a juice fast

Because your body is not spending so much energy digesting food, it can focus on clearing out toxins, boosting your immune system and regulating your weight. You’ll have more energy and sleep better.

All juices for the fast are made fresh daily. The enzymes are still alive, and when you are ingesting “live,” raw juices, your body has extra energy to do what it does best: heal.

Want more info?

Contact Mickey Brennan directly at 843-743-1439. Or call The Sprout Cafe at 843-849-8554.

You can also visit us! The Sprout Cafe is located at 627 Johnnie Dodds Blvd., Suite B, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464 (Located next to EcoFitness in the East Cooper Shopping Plaza off the Frontage Road along Highway 17 North).

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