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New Year's CommitmentA show of hands: Who out there has already strayed from their New Year’s Resolution. You are not alone, friends! In fact, research shows that 88% of all resolutions are abandoned by the end of January.

We have a solution.

Don’t make a resolution.

Make a commitment instead.

What’s the difference?
Recomparison.com has a great way of comparing the two:

New Year’s resolution
• Traditionally practiced at the start of every year
• Is a personal promise made by an individual to oneself
• Most often involves a behavior modification or elimination of bad habits

New Year’s commitment
• Is promise made to oneself towards the achievement of a particular goal
• Requires a clear plan of action
• Is often a clearly defined goal
• Has a due date and is documented somewhere meaningful to the aspirant

Organic Scramble Burrito at The Sprout Organic Cafe & Juice BarCommit to eating healthy foods
If eating healthy foods or detoxing your body are commitments you’ve made this year, The Sprout Café can help. We have several programs that would work as great action plans, including our 21-Day Living Food Detox, our Juice Fast Reboots for 1, 3, 5 and 7 days, and our private chef program.

For all of these options, we can tailor the action plans to meet your needs AND offer support to you as you achieve your goals.

21-day Living Food Detox
With the 21-day Living Food Detox, you’ll receive one-on-one consultation with Detox Coach Mickey Brennan to discuss your health history and set goals. You will receive a detox manual that outlines what you will do during the detox. It includes recipes for smoothies and other meals to consume, as well as supportive articles. The reading provides you with some of the ideology behind the detox The Sprout Café offers and includes extensive nutritional information related to the foods we recommend.
This detox is not a fast; it is 100% nutrition based. No pills, no formulas or solutions you need to drink. It’s all food-based, that’s why we call it the Living Food Detox. The detox is designed to give your body a break from digesting heavy foods so that your body can focus on healing.

The first week, you will enjoy a vegan diet, which you may know means no animal products. The second week focuses on eating raw food. This means food that is not cooked. The third week involves a juice fast or a master cleanse program recommended by The Sprout Café.

Reap major benefits from a Juice Fast from The SproutJuice Fast Reboot
**Jan. 15-Feb. 15, 2015, we are offering an incredible deal on our juice fasts. Click here for more info!**

All juice fasts include 96 ounces of fresh organic juice plus a shot of wheatgrass or E3Live.

The process also begins with a nutritional consultation with Mickey to discuss your health history and your goals. A juice fast program will then be custom designed to meet your needs.

Each morning, you pick up four 24-ounce bottles of juice and a shot of wheat grass. Each juice performs a different function, from regulating your blood sugar and blood pressure to providing your body with a jet boost of vitamins and minerals designed to help your body detox. Juice fasts are available in 1, 3, 5 and 7 day durations.

Private Chef
The Sprout Café can also prepare healthy meals for the week at your home and package food in containers with directions for serving. Meals are prepared by The Sprout Café’s chef Mickey Brennan based on items selected from our Private Chef Menu. If you don’t see your favorite foods on the menu, just let Mickey know and he can create healthy versions.

Contact Us
If you’re ready to make the commitment to healthy eating, contact The Sprout Cafe at 843-743-1439 for more information and a consultation.

Come see us! The Sprout Cafe is located at 627 Johnnie Dodds Blvd., Suite B, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464. We’re are located right next to EcoFitness.

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