Mar 132017

 Chef Mickey Brennan’s Weekly Menu

Pick up day will be:

Monday, March 20th

Order by: 

Thursday, March 16th

This personal chef menu that can be used as a meal plan menu.

This menu will change weekly.

Please call or text Mickey at

843-743-1439 to place your order.

These items can be ordered in bulk and serve as meals for the week.

You can order any combination of the following items:

Please know that all items can be adjusted to your

personal health history, allergies, preferences, seasons and taste!


Mujadara Plate
A bed of steamed lentils and rice topped with Lebanese Salata, and garnished with toasted onions. 

Walnut, Beet Ravoli
Organic walnuts, spices, beets, tahini, celery and carrots.

Layer after layer of homemade sauce, veggies, protein, cheese and pasta- you have never had lasagna this good! 

Mexican Cheese Cake
A savory dish that is layered with rich flavors and just the right spice!



Breakfast Casserole
This breakfast delight is so good that you will enjoy it anytime of day, but it is a real treat to have as a weekend breakfast or to last the whole week long! Filled with herbs, fresh organic veggies, cheese and protein- the ideal meal!!

Mac Nut Cheese
Macadamia nuts, garlic and lemon. This amazing cheeze is amazing with crackers, on a sandwich or spread on anything else you wish to eat it on! Truly delicious. 

Haricot Verts
Organic French green beans seasoned perfectly.


Roasted Garlic or Sriracha Hummus
Organic chickpea, garlic and lemon flavored with your choice of roasted garlic or spicy Sriracha.

Kale Salad
Marinated organic carrots, lemon, tomato, red onion, extra virgin olive oil. 

Cucumber and Tomato Salad
Organic cucumbers and tomatoes marinated in a perfectly seasoned vinaigrette.


Fattoush Salad
Middle Eastern chopped salad w/ lots of fresh herbs and pita chips for croutons.

Organic Lentil
Celery, carrots, homemade vegan stock, kale and garlic. 

Carrot Ginger Turmeric Soup
Organic carrot, ginger and turmeric root soup is excellent for inflammation and tastes amazing.


Vegan Chili
The Sprout’s famous chili with sauteed kale.

Pricing is based on approximately 5 meals per week:
This service will be $150 per week plus groceries. Pricing will also take into account and may be adjusted based on the amount of servings and how many days worth of each item you will be ordering. Please know you can order other things than just what is on this menu! Ask about your favorites! The items will be organic and can be tailored to your personal health needs- allergies, calories and goals.

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