Sep 232010
“Green” Lifestyle Consulting
with Caroline Brennan
If not NOW, then when?
Every day, you do dozens of things that could be changed
slightly to create a HUGE impact.
There are no magic bullets.
It takes each of us doing a little bit every day.
Now is the time to get connected.
What you are choosing to do with your life that contributes to having this
beautiful earth for the next 7 generations?
Get a private, personalized
“Green” Lifestyle Consultation
with Caroline Brennan
Your consultation will include:
  • 5 “Green” Lifestyle Ideas that are easy to get started and are simple to implement daily
  • 5 Personalized “Green” Lifestyle Goals to guide your commitment to the earth
  • A “Green” Lifestyle Make-Over for that room in-need (kitchen, bathroom, garage etc) OR
  • A Personalized Consultation with a theme of your choice.
  • This may be something you already know you would like to explore. Some examples may include learning about cloth diapering systems, organic eating/ shopping, sustainable redecorating/ reusing, how to live locally, transportation considerations, health and wellness, etc.

Initial Consult ONLY $45!

Consultation may take place in your home, over the phone (please call 843-743-4582 to set-up your appointment), via email (please email or in person at one of The Sprout location:Mount Pleasant, East CooperShopping Plaza next to EcoFitness(627 Johnnie Dodds Blvd 29464).

Write-Up of Consultation $35 which will include summary of your 5 Personalized “Green” Lifestyle Goals and a summary of the Consultation on a Specific room or Personalized Theme.

*Additional research and write-up beyond general summaryfor personalized goals will be $30 per hour.Please call 843-743-4582 or email to schedule your appointment today!

Other options:

~ Groups of 4 to 10 people $115 per hr.

~ Groups of 10 to 50 $125 per hr.

~ Larger speaking opportunities price based on event.

If not NOW, then when?

Each dollar you spend is a vote for what you believe in; this is your voice.

Learn how to make a positive impact extending even into to the purchases you make.

What are you voting for?

What are you saying?

This commitment just may create the opportunity for you to learn more about cloth diapering systems; to understand the various ways to buy “Green” at the grocery store, hardware store or local markets; to learn more about choosing local and organic foods and products; to receive guidance with raising your child to be “Green” Lifestyle-minded and so on…Your voice and votes create an earth your children’s children will inherit. Our minds and habits will to grow into concepts like REducing, REusing and UPcycling. Your vote counts. You CAN choose wisely. You can make a difference. Start today.Thank you for your commitment!

FREE for all BUSINESSES, CHURCHES AND SCHOOLSInitial “Green” Food Service ConsultationThis includes general menu analysis; or local, organic produce and food purchasing guidance with emphasis on costing; or local, onsite garden plans; or general sustainability and impact assessment. Please consider YOUR own business, YOUR employer, and YOUR children’s schools. Together we can make a huge difference. Please recommend this service!Forward this email to anyonewho could benefit from this service.

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