The Sprout & Sustainability

The Sprout is completely organic, vegan and sustainable. We are continuously looking at how each and everything we do at The Sprout effects the world we live in. The three main tenets of our commitment are using organic foods, looking at our daily company practices and letting go of any story that would prevent us from living lightly on the earth!

By choosing organic food, The Sprout is reducing the amount of toxic chemicals in our soil, water and air. When a farm chooses not to use pesticides, there are less toxic chemicals washing into the ground water, being sprayed in the air and filtering into our soil. The choice to use all organic food means The Sprout food can enter the body free of chemicals the body will spend precious energy removing. We also use foods that are as local as possible which means food that is from 20 minutes away to within the tri-state area. Our commitment to organic and local food means we are treading on the earth lightly!


Our Sustainability Commitments

Choose Local Food

Using food that is as close as 20 minutes and as far as the tri-state area.

All our Packaging is Biodegradable

We use potato starch, sugar cane, corn oil plastic and recycled paper napkins. The Sprout is a “Grab-and-Go” establishment leading the way for the industry by using packaging that will disappear within 6 months as opposed to plastic and styrofoam which will be on the earth for approximately 450 years.

Recycle Everything

We recycle everything and we select our products based the different company philosophies related to sustainability. For example, we review the distance of the company to assess how much energy will be used to get the product to us.

Make a statement with our dollars

We also look at a company’s commitment to things like sustainable packaging, selective advertiseing to minimize waste and future development for earth friendly changes.

Minimize Waste

In our stores, we use chalk boards and reusable menus. In our kitchen, we use rags instead of paper products for cleaning and biodegradable soaps. Instead of a dishwasher which can use up to 3 gallons per wash, we use a three-compartment sink which allows us to use less water and be more efficient.

Choosing Environmentally-Friendly Materials

The Sprout has all sustainable and eco-friendly finishes in the space including recycled counter tops, bamboo cabinetry, eco-friendly concrete stain for flooring, no-voc paint, florescent lighting and dimmers on lights.

Upcycle Materials

In an effort to be light on the earth and as a future direction, The Sprout looks for any opportunity to reduce, reuse and UPcycle. Unfortunately, there are a lot of opportunities being missed for reusing and most of the recycling that is happening today is actually DOWNcycling. When a disguarded item is made into the exact same thing again, that is recycling. Most of the materials that are put into a recycling system are actually DOWNcycled into a less useful product. The Sprout aims to be involved with a process called UPcycling which means we are looking for way to take something once it has been used and turn it into a more efficient product that has the potential to be used over and over. An example of this would be to take a plastic bottle, remove the heavy metals from it and make a better bottle that can withstand many uses. Another example is the human body – the ultimate UPcycler!